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5 Strategies to Dominate Online Marketing

I’ve been working on building my business for the past number of years, and like many of you, most of my business has come by word of mouth. In the last number of months, I decided to work on taking things to another level by putting some real work on marketing online. As I began…

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Why is Website Maintenance so Important

When companies invest in a website, there’s a misconception that once it’s built, it should be fine forever. However, that’s far from true. Website Maintenance is an essential part of keeping a shiny brand presence in addition to other factors which is why most of the multinational companies now are taking assistance from Scepter Marketing…

5 Steps to Writing a Blog Post for Busy People

Writing a blog is a great way to gain visibility for your business, show yourself as a resource, and build authority in your industry. However, it can be hard finding the time to write a new blog post. For many people, blogging is at the bottom of their ‘to do’ list. It’s okay, I get…

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How to Leverage Your Website to Increase Sales

As a web designer, I’ve noticed that there’s more or less a standard when it comes to building a website. Every site I build these days is more of a series of landing pages. This is a good practice by the way, and an effective approach to web design. However, what about relationship marketing, and…

How to Protect Your WordPress Website From Hackers

WordPress Security! We’re all concerned about it, we hear about being hacked virtually everyday. The question is are we doing enough? How do we keep our WordPress website safe? If you’ve ever been an owner of a brick & mortar store of any kind, you’ll know that if you’ve ever been broken into, it’s not…

Facebook Instant Articles: What You Need To Know

Bloggers rejoice! Facebook Instant Articles has been rolled out a few months ago and I’m seeing it more often now in my Facebook News Feed. What are Facebook Instant Articles? TechCrunch Created a great video that clearly demonstrates some of neat features of Instant Articles and how they work. Check it out below… The biggest…

Ultimate Checklist for Building Your Website

Thinking about giving your website a makeover? It’s helpful to get a handle on some of the prep work for building your website, even if you haven’t found a web designer yet. After going through the ultimate checklist below, you’ll be able to hand your web designer lot of what they need making the web…

How to Take the Right Photos For Your Website

Choosing the right photo or images for your website can be tricky. Whether your choose to use stock photography or use a professional photographer for custom photos, it takes some planning and thinking to get it right. In this article I will detail the 4 Things You Must Know to Achieve Stellar Website Photos. Placement…

How Storytelling Grows Your Business

If you’ve been doing any kind of reading on Internet Marketing, you’ll know that content marketing is the most reliable form of online marketing. However, many have already realized that pushing out a bunch of content through their blog or social media platforms are bringing results. A more specific and descriptive is used called Digital…

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