How Storytelling Grows Your Business

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If you’ve been doing any kind of reading on Internet Marketing, you’ll know that content marketing is the most reliable form of online marketing. However, many have already realized that pushing out a bunch of content through their blog or social media platforms are bringing results. A more specific and descriptive is used called Digital Storytelling.
Benefits of Digital Storytelling

Builds Trust Loyalty in Your Customers: The other day I was on the phone speaking with someone inquiring about the services his company provides. Throughout the course of the conversation, he regaled a number of stories regarding his customers and how he conducted business. He also expounded on the wonder tech he called work order management system. As a result, I felt more connected and confident in him and his services. What makes Digital Storytelling work in this instance is that it’s not selfishly working to push a person towards a sale, but stories come across simply as facts and events that are shared that the potential client is able to relate to.

Potential Customers Will Remember You: More than simply a list of benefits or features regarding a product or service, building them into a story helps your product or service to be remembered. Since the dawn of time stories have been told in order to preserve history. A great story is seldom forgotten. It easily becomes shared and can spread like wild fire. Hence, always be on the lookout for opportunities to keep the company’s tech up to date, and stay cognizant of the Zendesk CRM Competition because it is a lucrative business to retain old customers.

Digital Stories Engage People: More than simply a story, It connects with people on an emotional level. This is what makes Digital Storytelling so great – If done correctly, it will captivate your audience. Like a great novel that pulls you in, so a great Digital Story will do the same.
Storytelling vs Selling

Traditionally when a person follows up with a lead, they focus on creating a ‘knock-out’ proposal while explaining all the features and benefits of choosing THEM instead of their competitors. While this approach may be effective to certain degree, it allows the lead to weight the pros and cons between you and your competition.

Ever come across those higher level people pitching the latest MLM product trying to get you to sign up? If you look at their landing pages, email spam, and most any other form of marketing their trying out, you’ll notice that their modus operandi is all the same. “I made millions and you can too with this simple formula”. You’ll notice that they are telling story that everyone wants to be a part of. They can continue to tell stories about how they have become wealthy, how they continually to use their wealth and it continues to pull people in thinking, “I want to be like him” so they easily buy whatever he’s selling… That is until you see the wizard behind the curtain.

As someone I know likes to say, “If my lips are moving, I’m selling” Why? because he’s constantly telling stories.
How to Become a Digital Storyteller

We often tend to assume that stories “just happen” and we wait for them like waiting at a bus stop thinking it will show up eventually. The best part about digital storytelling is that they are created. I’m not talking about inventing a story and being fake or lying. Rather, through our own creativity and ingenuity we can write our stories and to some degree dictate the outcome so that we have amazing stories to tell.

Ever gone camping and it ended up raining the entire time? How many people did you tell that story to and the things that happened around it? In fact, it’s a story that sticks in your mind for years to come right? While we wouldn’t normally choose to camp in the rain deliberately, we have the power to shape our stories for our business. I encourage you to begin to create and plan out your stories like an author shapes and outlines a new novel.

Digital Storytelling sets you apart from the competition in a really big way. A friend of mine recently told me about a perspective client that had already talked to few of his competitors prior to meeting with him. His competitors approach was the usual writing a proposal and giving a presentation. My friend on the other hand took the prospective client for a beer, was a lot more informal, and personal, and went through the proposal line by line while learning more about the client in the process. Needless to say, he got the deal. His now client latter told him that he was so completely different in his approach compared to his competitors and really appreciated it.

If you want to stand out from your competition and start seriously growing your business, become a digital storyteller. Begin to craft your story. Think about Why you are in your particular business, what brought you there, what are you passionate about. This can referred to as your ‘Branding Story’. Now being to shape the experience your customers or potential customers have. Consider ideas that can engage them either online or offline interacting with your brand. This can be referred to as your ‘Branding Experience’. As you begin to distribute those stories through your blog and social media, you’ll find that you’ll have more control over how people view your brand and will have a greater desire to do business with you.

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