Canada EClouds



Canada EClouds is an e-liquid manufacturing company located in Ontario. They produce several lines of e-juice and wholesale it throughout Canada and overseas to countries such as the London and the UK.

Canada EClouds was in need of a new website that served both their wholesale and retail customers. They had three primary requirements.

  1. They needed a wholesale order form that customers would want to use.
  2. Have the ability to easily provide different pricing to new wholesale users based on their negotiations with them.
  3. Integrate all sales into Quickbooks.

We began by creating an intuitive layout and navigation for the new site which provided users with easier navigation. Also, towards that end, we created a different main menu for wholesale users once they logged in allowing them to only see the links they need for their purposes.

By leveraging advanced discount functionality, we were able to allow the Canada ECloud owners an easy way to create discounts for any of their customers on demand. This way, after closing a deal, they could create the user in their website, allowing the customer to place their orders in a very short amount of time.

After speaking to some of their customers, we learned that they spend a great deal of time ordering from various suppliers. After much discussion we designed and custom built a wholesale order form that resembles an Excel spreadsheet. This way, the customers need only type in the quantity for each product variation while it’s automatically added to the cart saving the customer much need time.

Prior to Quickbooks integration, every order that came through was created manually in Quickbooks. Now, when an order comes through the website, an invoice in Quickbooks is automatically generated, and they can simply ‘Receive Payment’ and close out each invoice as needed.

What used to be quite a manual system for the Canada EClouds team, has now saved them a great deal of time and tedium as they have now better automated their ordering process.

What We Did

  • Designed in WordPress
  • Special pricing rules
  • Custom wholesale order form
  • Quickbooks Integration

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