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Case Study: How Canada EClouds Vastly Improved Their Order Process

I met ‘The Dave’s’ a couple months ago to discuss their website. They are the owners of Canada EClouds – A flourishing EJuice Company based in Ontario. While I haven’t yet met them personally yet as I live in Vancouver, BC, we’ve had a great many chats discussing the issues around the industry, and in…

Creating a User Journey

How do I increase conversions on my website? This is a question I’m constantly asking myself when I build a website in my ongoing pursuit of improvement. Creating a website that converts is a journey that seems to never have a destination as there’s always more things to test, new technologies and techniques to discover.…

How to Write a Landing Page That Converts

Writing copy for a landing page can be tough. You’re confident in what you’re offering, but just need to find the right words. What makes it even harder is the fact that you’re likely going to be picky about it because it’s not merely information, but this is the part where the rubber hits the…

How to Write a Killer About Us Page

I was talking to a friend of mine as he was working on making changes to the ‘About’ page on his website. He commented, “I don’t know why I put so much effort into this, I bet no one reads it anyways”. I’ll confess that I often think the same thing. When I think about…

What to Put On Your Home Page

I’ve done this hundreds of times with myself and with clients. I sit down at the computer and all the things I want to say on my website come crashing down upon me. My thoughts are like an abstract painting. It’s all there, but with no order, just bits and pieces of great ideas that…

The Formula to Creating a Value Proposition – And How to Write a Great One

Your value proposition is the #1 thing that determines whether people will continue reading about your product or service or hit the back button. If you’re looking to do conversion testing on your website, this is the first thing to focus on. Get it right, and you’ll see big jumps in your efforts. As a…

The Quick & Dirty Way to Define Your Target Audience

Today we want to take a few minutes to discuss the Quick and Dirty way to Define Your Target Audience. Now I’m sure that you already have some form of a target market in your mind already, but I don’t you want you skip this one because you may find a piece of the puzzle…

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Defining Goals & Objectives for Your Website

Welcome everyone to the podcast. I’m your host Randy Dueck where we learn to speak digital. On today’s podcast we are talking about setting goals for your website. We are often told that we need to be setting all kinds of goals in our life. What are our financial goals, spiritual goals, fitness goals. We…

4 Tips to Keeping Your Website Looking Like New

Have you ever wondered how some websites still look great after an extended period of time where your seems to fall flat after going live? This is where you must understand the importance of search engine optimization as keeping your website looking attractive to visitors is important in order to maintain ‘the standard’ your brand…

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Increase Conversions by Making Changes to These 4 Elements

Are you wondering how to make your website better? Are you getting traffic but curious what changes to make in order to increase conversions? Sometimes rebuilding your website isn’t necessary. By making changes to a few different types of elements can lift your conversion rate dramatically. Here are four areas that are a great starting…

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