Never Worry about your website ever again !!! We keep your website
protected from hackers, and ensure it's properly backed up every day.

Your Website is Critical to Your Business

We Monitor Your Website & Keep it Running Like a Clock

Your website is the best employee in your business. It generates leads, customers and revenue. It's a channel used by employees, partners, suppliers and customers to engage with you. We provide you with peace of mind knowing that your website is being maintained and taken care of.

If you're the type of business owner who understands how crucial your website is to your business, then we want to work with you. If we've built your website, then we're the best ones to work with as we know your website intimately, and can continue to secure and optimize your website.

How We Support You

  • Bug Fixes

  • Uptime Monitoring

  • Consistent Backups

  • WordPress Hosting

  • Website Security

Peace of Mind Knowing Your Website is Operating at It's Best

Cloud Backups

Daily backups to our Amazon S3 server means your website can be restored anytime with backups always accessible.

WordPress Security

Hackers are constantly looking for sites to take advantage of. We monitor your website to ensure high security standards.

Managed Updates

WordPress and plugins require constant maintenance. We ensure all updates are done without breaking your site.

Easily Accessible

Know that should you have any questions or issues along the way, we are easily accessible by phone or FB Messenger.

Doesn't My Hosting Company Take Care of This?

You may have a great hosting company, but their responsibilities and terms of service end at providing space for your website. They manage the space, but the not the contents.

Plugins are created by different authors and are constantly being updated. There's no guarantee that upon updating them, they won't break your website.

For this reason, having a trained web specialist on hand to monitor the website is necessary to rollback plugins, fix any resulting issues, and make any adjustments to the theme in order to keep your website running smoothly.


We Make Google Analytics Make Sense

Do you know how visitors are engaging on your website? Do know if Google Analytics are setup correctly?

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to understand your visitors better which allows you to optimize your site to increase conversions.

We start by ensuring Analytics is properly setup, then we tie in Key Performance Metrics so that the correct actions can be tracked giving us the data required to make informed decisions as to what to optimize on the website.

Keep Your Website Optimized

Regardless of who built your website, or when it was created, there's a lot of optimization to be done.

We look at all the various factors that affect the loading of your website from optimizing images to the server it's hosted on to alleviate as many bottlenecks as possible.

Website Optimization also means ensuring all the plugins and themes on your website are kept up to date without breaking your site.

Website security is an on-going process as well to ensure that your website and associated plugins and themes are properly protected from would-be attackers.

Hosting is Included

Great Website Hosting is one of the keys to optimizing your website. Regardless of the size of your site, clients often see a boost in site performance simply by moving to a better hosting provider.

With our dedicated Virtual Private Servers, we are able to properly monitor them and ensure that our servers are not overcrowded so that your website will run at it's optimum levels.

Are You Ready to
Optimize Your Website?

For just $97 per month, we'll backup your site daily,
optimize it, keep it safe from hackers, and up to date.