From design tips and strategies to technical aspects, we'll show you
exactly where your site is lacking and how you can improve it

Would You Like to Know How to
Improve Your Website?

Street Smart Creative offers website strategies and roadmaps that detail step by step what changes and improvements you can take to improve your website to help increase your conversion rates.

Why a Website Strategy?

A website strategy takes the guesswork out of how to design and layout your website. With some in-depth planning, you'll have all the plans and details to build a powerful website.

What We Do For You

1) In-Depth Consultation

We begin with an in-depth conversation about your business to learn about your business and what you need your website to do.

2) Research

After we gather the required information, we research competitors and other businesses in your space to develop a framework and inspiration for your website.

3) Sitemap Creation

Based on our research and conversations, we create a sitemap which details all the required pages and navigational structure for your website.

4) Wireframe

A wireframe is a document which outlines the structure of your web pages detailing where the content should go. Based on our discovery we will create a wireframe customized for your business. We layout what your headings should be, and the text on each of the required buttons.

What You Receive

Once our process is complete, we'll arrange a call where we will review all of our research and documentation explaining our ideas and decisions along the way. In addition we'll send you...

  • A report detailing what changes are required for your website
  • A copy of the sitemap / navigation structure for the website
  • A copy of the wireframe detailing content placement and button text

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