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As a web designer, I’ve noticed that there’s more or less a standard when it comes to building a website. Every site I build these days is more of a series of landing pages. This is a good practice by the way, and an effective approach to web design.

However, what about relationship marketing, and how does it fit into your website strategy?

There are many businesses that don’t have a website, or virtually ignore the fact that they have one, and for a fairly good reason. If your sales are coming primarily through referrals or other offline methods, they why have a website?

Establishing an Online Presence:

While many entrepreneurs may not fully utilize their website, they still have one because it establishes on online presence. I find that many people still ask, “Do you have a website”

Depending on your industry, your website can utilized in a variety of ways – Even if the majority of your leads are happening outside your website. This is how relationship marketing is changing how websites are built. Tulsa SEO Company offers affordable SEO services to get your website the attention it deserves from the major search engines.

Blogging is of Greater Importance:

When speaking with people about your brand, I’m sure you’re well aware of the fact that being a resource to others is one of the best sales tactics. One of the ways of accomplishing this is through the use of your blog. When people visit your site, they will likely scan through your articles. Browsing through the titles and reading excerpts can demonstrate a level of knowledge and intelligence about your business that will attract people to you.

Being consistent in writing allows you to share them on your social media channels helping to drive people back to your site and demonstrates how you are a resource to them. Blog-centric websites focus on building a relationship first and sharing useful knowledge as opposed to offering services up front. The strategy you employ for your website depends on what your goals are in addition to level of awareness of your potential customers.

Building an Email List:

A key factor in your marketing strategy is building an email list. There are a number of various online platforms that allow you to build a landing page for your optin, but there is no better platform to use than your website.

I’m sure you’ve noticed on other sites how they employ pop-ups, insert opt-in forms into their blog posts, or even slide up from the bottom of the page. All of these options are valid and should be used to one extent or another in order to help you build more leads and a solid sales funnel. You can take it a step further and then leverage Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your landing page to sell your services, or build your list.

Develop a Knowledge Base:

We meet people online and offline all the time, and as we talk to them about their business, there’s always roadblocks and issues that they share. We intently listen and have a conversation around them. What if you could also say to them, “I wrote a blog post about that, let me send it to you”. It not only saves time, but it also again demonstrates yourself as a resource to them. Better yet, if you could tell that person about the e-book you wrote about that particular problem, you can then add another person to your list.

Your Website Reflects Your Brand:

There’s a person I see on social media all the time – Great Person, I know them. This person posted a link to an article she had written on her website which was blogspot site (If I remember correctly). Now I know this person is very smart, and skilled at teaching others about social media. I went to visit her website, and didn’t spend much time there because it was hard to read the article. There was not enough white space, the site in general looked messy, the colors were unpleasant. These are a few factors that drove me away from the site.

It didn’t appear to me that this person was serious about her brand. The look and feel of a website may not matter to some, but it does have a big impact on your brand. When you have an aesthetically pleasing website that’s easy to read and navigate, visitors are more likely to stick around and build interest in what you have to offer.

You may wear an italian suite to an event, invite someone over to your house only to discover that you live in the cheapest apartment in town. Where you live may not be indicative of your character, but it may cause people to give pause to where you’re really at.

I encourage you to take a second look at your website and see how you can better leverage it in your sales process, and use it to enhance your relationships with others. If you would like to get some ideas for your website. please feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to provide some ideas and insights.

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